Samsung Knox Configure - Setup Edition vs Dynamic Edition

Setup edition

The setup edition is primarily designed for marketing admins to stage devices for re-branding for their customer's out-of-box deployments. The Setup edition features:

  • Purpose built appliance - Transform an off-the-shelf device into a business Kiosk by locking down the device to specific apps. Users are prevented from accessing the Settings menu. System notifications can be optionally hidden. Users can return to normal mode at any time using a predefined passcode.
  • Advance device configuration capability - Change regional settings such as country, language, time zone, and auto-time during initial setup or profile update. Enable/disable network settings such as Wi-Fi Bluetooth, GPS, and airplane mode.
  • Robust device updates - Remove unnecessary preloaded apps. Periodically push profile updates seamlessly, over-the-air.

The Setup edition allows you to deploy settings and profiles once with no additional incremental updates. To change a device configuration after initial policies are set, devices must be factory reset and the new policies must be re-applied. The Setup addition includes:

  • Options to customize the device home screen and lock screen
  • The ability to deploy company-branded booting and shutdown animation files.
  • DeX support on supported device platforms
  • APN support for creating a gateway between a carrier providing 2G, 3G, or 4G mobile network service and the mobile device
  • Connectivity settings including:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • NFC
    • Airplane mode
NOTE - A lock menu is now available for devices configured with a dynamic edition Knox Configure profile, and is no longer available for setup edition profiles. If some of the selected target devices are currently assigned a Setup edition profile, the lock menu is disabled until just Dynamic edition devices are selected for update.

Dynamic edition

The Dynamic edition is mainly designed for marketing admins to stage devices for re-branding their own customers out-of-the box. The Dynamic edition features:

  • Over-the-air configuration - Devices turn on automatically when connected to power and receive their configuration profiles over-the-air.
  • Out-of-the-box profile activation experience - Automatically provision, enroll, and configure corporate devices during initial setup and again after a factory reset.
  • Rebranded software - Install specific applications automatically over-the-air and prevent users from removing specific apps. Seamlessly change app icons and names. Launch specific apps when a device boots.

The Dynamic edition allows you to dynamically push updates for settings, content, and apps. In addition to the all features in the Setup edition, the Dynamic edition also includes:

  • ProKiosk mode - Create a special-purpose device by managing the following settings:
    • Status bar - Show or hide the entire status bar, clock, or system icons.
    • Input method - Prevent the user from changing the input method.
    • Power dialog exit UI - Determine the menu items that appear when the user long presses the power button.
  • Allow and block apps - Allow or deny users from installing specific apps.
  • Shared devices - Allows multiple users to use the same device without sharing data and files.



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